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When a person gets proactive about a healthier lifestyle, Forest Hills Wellness in Forest Hills, New York is an ideal partner. The wellness team provides individualized plans for every client, taking personal preferences, health history, and lifestyle goals into account. The diet plan focus remains on real solutions. Rather than simply outlining which changes produce results, Forest Hills Wellness provides tips on healthy meal preparation, intelligent food shopping, and clean, healthy eating.

Diet Plans Q&A

by Dara Bergen, MPH, RD, CDN

What do dietitians and nutritionists do?

Depending on the work location, dietitians and nutritionists, like the ones at Forest Hills Wellness, can be consultants, or they may work with food services in institutions such as hospitals and schools, planning nutrition programs and supervising food preparations and serving. Their education and specialty training promote healthy eating habits overall while providing dietary modification plans when specific needs dictate.

I don’t have any health condition. Can a dietitian like Dara Bergen still help me?

Nutrition is a complex balance of many things. It’s not simply a matter of matching the number of calories you eat and burn. Meal timing and composition may not match the body’s needs and interfere with weight loss results. A diet plan is more than a menu. It’s active and connected, and it requires a commitment from the client. A good dietitian like Dara Bergen matches a plan to the client’s lifestyle, so changes are practical and easily incorporated.

Is follow-up with a dietitian important?

Follow-up is critical. No matter what a person’s lifestyle goals, a dietitian helps keep the client on track. Diet plans are a mutual strategy, not simply a menu handed down. How the client responds to the plan and the changes that happen prompts the dietitian to fine-tune it. Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle has its challenges. Dietitians like Dara Bergen know this and guide their clients through the rough spots. Without the ongoing coaching and care available from an experienced team of nutritionists and dietitians, chances for failure remain high. Let Forest Hills Wellness be your partner in achieving your health targets. If you’re interested in a diet plan, call or schedule an appointment online with the state of the art team of nutritionists and dietitians at Forest Hills Wellness. The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.


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