Weight Loss Surgery Consultation

Bariatric surgery is an effective and appropriate weight loss option for people with high BMIs, with or without other conditions which compromise health. Clients seeking weight loss surgery need approval from a registered dietician before surgery takes place. Forest Hills Wellness provides patient consultations and clearance letters for surgeons, as well as pre- and post-surgery meal plans for patients. Support continues after surgery to monitor progress and ensure weight loss maintenance.

Weight Loss Surgery Consultation Q&A

by Dara Bergen, MPH, RD, CDN

Why do I need to see a dietitian before undergoing bariatric surgery?

Successful weight loss surgery not only changes the body but also changes eating and lifestyle habits. Meeting with a dietitian helps a weight loss surgery patient keep their expectations in line. It’s the start of a relationship that continues through the recovery and weight loss process. The patient starts to understand before surgery what’s involved in changing over to healthy eating. Focusing on these habits before making radical changes to the body improves the chances of success after surgery.

How does a dietitian like Dara Bergen help after weight loss surgery?

As the patient’s body changes, the dietitian monitors and adapts diet to keep things on track. The surgical techniques that bypass parts of the small intestine change the way nutrients absorb and certain dietary deficiencies may occur. The dietitian can anticipate these and alter meal plans to correct for body changes. Safely navigating through weight loss and weight maintenance is so much easier with the assistance of Forest Hills Wellness and their team of knowledgeable dietitians and nutritionists. If you’re interested in a weight loss consultation, call or schedule an appointment online with Dara Bergen at Forest Fills Wellness. The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.


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